FAQ on Microsoft Teams

Technical Questions

Some students reported that they could not install or run Teams on their MacBook.  We suggest students to use the web browser to use Teams.

Some students could not login.  We reactivated the licenses and they can login successfully.

Because the system needs to transmit and receive video, teachers and students need a faster computer.  We have reminded teachers:

  • To use a desktop/notebook computer instead of a tablet
  • To pay attention to the Wifi and Internet performance of their home
  • To remind students (local/mainland) to pay attention to their Internet speed.

Some users reported disconnections and frozen Teams window during a meeting.   

Suggestions – 
1. Check your Internet/Wifi
2. Close and restart your Teams.
3. Open a web browser and use the web version of Teams:



Some teachers reported that their classroom had missed a number of students.  This was due to a student import error.  We fixed the problem and now teachers can see all their students.

This is the same problem as question#1.  We resolved the problem and sent emails to mainland students.  Mainland students confirmed that they can now enter their classrooms.

Most functions are working except Microsoft Forms.  It was reported that:

  • Sometimes teachers cannot create a form during a chat.
  • Sometimes students cannot see the submit button.
  • Sometimes teachers cannot visit to get the results.

We advised teachers not to use MS Forms.   Teachers may use Google Form to take attendance and to ask questions at the time being.

Operation Questions

We encouraged teachers to show their face to students.  ITSC has ordered 50 more webcams for teachers to borrow.  Please contact ITSC.

Teachers are welcome to return to school to use a classroom with a visualizer.  ITSC will provide support on how to use the visualizer on Microsoft Teams.  ITSC is evaluating some low cost visualizers to lend to teachers if possible.

We encourage teachers to use Microsoft Teams whenever possible as it has more functions and ITSC provides support.   But we respect teaching autonomy that teachers may have special needs and use other tools. From another perspective, it is a good thing to allow students to experience different teaching technologies. 

The university has requested all teachers to implement real-time interactive online teaching, instead of asking students to do self-study of watching videos.   Teachers are advised to conduct online lessons according to the timetable whenever possible.

It is only the first week and 70% of teachers think that teaching with Microsoft Teams can be quite smooth.   Giving more time, teachers and students will become more and more familiar with online teaching.

Please contact ITSC.  We will help teachers to solve the problems one by one.

Email:  Ext: 3963-5160


  1. Teachers need to add a guest member (via email) into his/her class.
  2. Teachers then schedule a meeting and send the meeting link to the guest.
  3. The guest will click the click, MS will ask him to register a Microsoft account.  The user needs to use his email to register and logon (for those companies who have Teams), they may enter directly.
  4. After logon, users click the meeting link again to join.
  5. Teacher should do a rehearsal with the guest instead.


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