Microsoft Teams for Interactive Classes

HSUHK encouraged teachers to use Microsoft Teams to conduct online live lessons during class suspensions.  Microsoft Teams is powerful messaging and video meeting system.  

User guides:
Microsoft Teams User Guide (Staff)
Microsoft Teams User Guide (Student)  

If staff/students have problems in using Microsoft Teams, please don’t hesitate to contact ITSC (3963-5160,

How to start using Microsoft Teams?

ITSC has created staff and student accounts on Microsoft Teams.  You just need to download and install the Microsoft Teams App ( on your desktop/laptop/mobile/tablet.  Then you may login with your HSUHK account (e.g., and Windows Password.

Once logon, you may click from the main menu Teams and will find the pre-assigned online classrooms.

How to use Microsoft Teams to hold live classes?

1How to enter a Team? After logon, you click Teams and go to the All Teams page,
click to enter the Team.
2How to schedule a meeting?You enter the calendar page page. At the top , you click [+New Meeting] button or click on the calendar. Fill in the following details to schedule a meeting:
1. Meeting Title
2. Team Channel
3. Start Time/End Time

After scheduled, you will see your channel page with the meeting.

You may also schedule a series of meeting (daily or weekly).
2How to invite students to meeting?When you click your meeting on your calendar, you will see the [Meeting Details] pop-up. Right click the [Join Microsoft Teams Meeting] link. You will see [copy link/open link].

Click copy link. You will be able to copy the Meeting Link and send to students (via email or other means).

4How to start a meeting?When you click your meeting on your calendar, you will see the [Meeting Details] pop-up. Click [Join], it will give you the video window. Click [Join Now] to enter the meeting.

5How to run a meeting?When you entered the meeting, you will see the Toolbar on your Meeting Window. The functions are:
a. Turn camera on
b. Turn camera off
c. Share screen
d. More options
e. Show conversations
f. Show participants


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