Meeting and Conferencing Facilities


Meeting and Conferencing facilities below are installed in meeting rooms:

  • Meeting Room
    You can use the computer installed in the meeting rooms.  There is no need to bring you own laptop.
  • Wireless Keyboard and Mouse
    Allow you to control the PC freely without wire, you can always share the wireless devices to other participants whenever needed.
  • Web Camera (D808 & M1103 only)
    With build-in microphone and speaker, you can start a video conference anytime with the web camera.
  • Speaker Phone for audio and video conference (On Demand)
    To enhance the sound quality in large meeting rooms, commercial grade speaker phone can be installed for audio / video conference on demand.
  • Wireless projection (Apple friendly) feature (D801, D808 & M1103 only)
    The wireless projection features allows iPhone/iPad users to project screen from mobile device to projector/TV without cables.

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