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Starting in 2016, ITSC is pleased to launch LiveClass – a new recording and streaming service for seminars organised by academic departments:

Service Description:

  1. Departments may request this service from ITSC with at least 2 weeks notice.   [Note that this service will only be available for specific rooms – Hall, D801, D603].
  2. ITSC will set up the equipment which will capture the Speaker and the screen of the Presentation Computer.
  3. The video will be captured in a Recording Computer, and can be streamed to a live Youtube channel if needed.
  4. CTL colleagues may edit the video and upload to a Youtube channel after the lecture.

The following diagram shows how equipment are connected for the VClass service.


Service Demo

Service Constraints:

Kindly note that this service gives a good image and audio quality.  However, it is NOT a Studio or Production-House grade of service, and we do not support multiple cameras.    Departments are encouraged to outsource to a commercial production-house if needed.

Service requests:

All academic departments can request this service.    Please download and submit the Service Request Form to ITSC.   If you have any questions want to know more, please contact ITSC hotline (3963-5-160).


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