Development Strategies

Instead of using traditional development models which require long periods of time planning, designing, and development, ITSC adopts the Agile Development Strategy to develop all its applications.   Its features include:

  • Divide and Conquer – We divide an Application into small phases, or shipping versions, that deliver a small working version at a time.
  • User Engagement – Once a working version is being used, we accept user feedback and plan for the next version.   We ensure that users will actually use the application to harness its value.
  • Flexible for Change – We use a software framework to design the application, so that we can easily modify a design or function when necessary.
  • Value Focus – Each version of software will provide functions that will offer new values to users, to save time and effort needed for a user to perform its functions.
  • Fast Response – With this strategy, we can deliver an application with the minimum amount of time for consultation, as well as the shortest time for delivering a working version.

To save cost and simplify the development, we adopt on open-source software technologies for application development.  They include:

  • LAMP/LEMP – Linux, Apache/Nginx, MySQL/MariaDB, PHP
  • Web – HTML 5, Javascript, AJAX, CSS, JSON, JQuery
  • Mobile – PhoneGap, Apache Cordova


User Services

Dept Services