Our Teams

We have 4 professional teams providing the following key IT services within the university:

Team Services provided
Application Development Service
  • To consult and develop IT applications for academic and administrative units
  • To enhance, maintain and integrate different applications
  • To provide application support and report generation services for departments
Network and System Service
  • To manage servers to ensure reliable access to information services
  • To manage user accounts for access to various systems and services
  • To manage and maintain computer networks and internet services
  • To manage the WiFi network for mobile users
Training and Admin Service
  • To provide consultations and training to staff and students on the use of IT for teaching and learning
  • To prepare and manage documents such as reports, user guides, policies and guidelines
  • To support the administrative work of ITSC (staff, procurement, budget, inventory, meeting, etc.)
User Support Service
  • To offer offline and online consultation and support to staff and students
  • To provide event support to ceremonies, conferences and assemblies
  • To manage, upgrade and maintain IT/AV facilities in the College
  • To provide installation, maintenance and support service on all IT/AV equipment in HSUHK

Besides, we also provide consultancy servicse to departments on the use of IT for research projects. You are most welcome to contact us at itsc@hsu.edu.hk.


User Services

Dept Services