Our Teams

We have 3 professional service teams that provide key services highlighted as follows:

Team Services provided
Application Development Service
  • To research and develop IT applications for academic and administrative units
  • To enhance, maintain and integrate different applications
  • To provide application support and report generation services for departments
Network and System Service
  • To manage servers to ensure reliable access to information services
  • To manage user accounts for access to various systems and services
  • To manage and maintain computer networks and internet services
  • To manage the WiFi┬ánetwork for mobile users
Training and Admin Service
  • To provide lab-training to staff and students to promote IT knowledge and awareness
  • To offer departmental training to departments on request
  • To develop online training videos for users to learn the latest IT knowledge
  • To support the administrative work of ITSC
User Support Service
  • To offer end users with IT/AV support and training
  • To manage and maintain IT/AV facilities in the College
  • To provide installation, maintenance and support service on all IT/AV equipment in HSUHK


Besides, we also provide consultancy service to departments and users on IT needs for automation, analytics, and research projects. You are most welcome to contact us at itsc@hsu.edu.hk.


User Services

Dept Services