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ITSC has established a well-defined and efficient process to help Schools, Departments, and external projects to set up websites.   This process has the following advantages:

1.  The websites can be available as quickly as possible

  • Website Template – Within 2 weeks
  • Alpha Version – Within 1 month (Content to be provided by website owner)
  • Beta Version – Within 2 months (Content edited/checked by website owner)
  • Final Version – Within 3 months (Content approved by website owner)

2.  To minimize the startup needed by website owners

  • The number of meetings is minimized
  • The owner can see the website first, and then enhance it.
  • The owner only needs to prepare the website content at the beginning.

3. To allow website owners to edit content at ease

  • We use WordPress/Joomla content management systems
  • We allow owners to view and select from a range of web templates
  • Website owner can update and change content at any time.


Below is our SEVEN steps in setting up a website.   If you want a website, and/or you have some special requirements, please contact us at:


Phone: x160

Seven Steps for Setting up a New Website


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