Application Support

Since we develop most of our own applications, we can provide a wide range of application support to users and departments:

User Support

  • To receive user calls on how the application can be used and/or improved.
  • To prepare user guides/documents on each application.

Application Consultation

  • To consult with departments and users to confirm new or changed user requirements.
  • To plan and develop new versions of applications with new and/or enhanced functions.
  • To re-develop an application based on a new framework when it is absolutely necessary.

Functional Enhancements

  • To develop new functions based on user requirements and feedback.
  • To enhance existing functions to facilitate user operation.
  • To eliminate any bugs or data problems.

System Integration

  • To integrate our applications with other inhouse or external applications.
  • To provide single-sign-on to all applications.

Report Generation

  • To design and generate information reports for management decisions.
  • To automate report generation process that users may generate frequently-used reports.
Application Support


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