HSUHK Mobile App

Welcome to the new HSUHK Mobile App and the new HSUHK Connect on eCampus.

You may download from Google Play or Apple App Store now (if you have not done so).

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  • Enterprise News – Recipients may acknowledge or reply to HSUHK news.
  • Collaborative Groups – Lessons, offices, and committees are now supported with chat,  attendance, and  Q&A capabilities.
  • Interactive Events – The host may schedule one-off events and invite attendees.  During the meeting, the host may interact with participants via attendance taking and online voting.
  • Mobile Access to Services – Staff, and students may access various services and applications.
  • Smart Campus  – The Mobile App is being used for RC residents to control their air conditioners.  More smart control applications will be launched in the future.




    • The HSUHK App is a new application.
      If you find any problem, please send an email to itsc@hsu.edu.hk and report any issues.
    • We disabled the HSUHK Connect Daily Digest email.
      We encourage all staff and students to use the HSUHK Mobile App to read the news on daily basis.


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