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 Teaching NeedsITSC Support
1Communicate with students - I need to send messages to students and facilitate their discussions.Three methods:
  1. Post announcements - Moodle
  2. Send messages and chats - Microsoft Teams
  3. Using Gmail (mainland students could not receive them) - Gmail
2Learning Management - I need to upload files, set up quizzes, and collect assignments.Moodle is our official learning management system.
3Real-time Teaching - I need to hold real-time classes, talking to students, sharing my screen, asking questions.Microsoft Teams is a powerful system for real-time interactive teaching:
Students will be able to access recorded lessons via Microsoft Stream.

You may also use Zoom as an online teaching tool.
User guide.
4Record and upload video - I want to do Flipped Classroom, to record and upload my lectures first and then hold discussions.There are two ways that you may record your video files:
5Online Assessment - I need students to do a quiz or submit assignments with a deadline.Two methods:
6Group projects - I need to assign students to work in groups.You may create subchannels for student groups in Microsoft Teams.
7Large student files - I need students to submit very large files (e.g., video projects).Two scenarios:
8Computer laboratory - I need students to use computer to learn some software applications.ITSC has set up a new e-laboratories service:
9IT equipment - I need webcam, and drawing padITSC has purchased some webcams,and USB drawing pads. Please contact ITSC to borrow for use at home.
10Other needs - I have other questions and needs on online teaching.ITSC is pleased to hold online consultations or provide on-campus support. Please contact ITSC.

User Guide for teaching staff: Download User Guide

If you have any needs or questions on the use of IT, please call ITSC.
Hotline: 3963-5160,,


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