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User guides for new teachers

Dear Teachers, We have updated some guides for new teachers (see attachments).  Others may find them useful as well.  You may also download them from: HSUHK User Accounts – eCampus, Google and Microsoft account. eCampus Desktop – University portal and services Moodle – Our learning management system MS Teams – Our platform for online teaching eLab (Teacher) – booking…

A Separate Moodle to support Large Scale Online Assessments

Dear Teachers, We are pleased that with better Quiz settings, Moodle has become more stable in the last few days.  Kindly refer to the following news on how to set up a Moodle quiz. To provide better support to large scale online tests, ITSC has set up a separate Moodle system ( If you have over…

How to set a Moodle Quiz to avoid service interruptions

Dear Teachers, We would like to report some findings on Moodle service interruptions.  Please read carefully on how you can set an online Quiz to avoid interruptions. Problems: 1. We find that the server loading surges to 50-70% when a quiz starts and ends, even with 40-100 users.   During the quiz, however, the loading is less than 10%.…

Useful Tips for a Successful Online Lesson

Below are some useful tips for teachers to hold a successful online lesson.  If teachers have difficulties and problems, they are most welcome to contact ITSC (3963-5192): They may come back to campus and use the classroom computer. They may borrow webcam, headset,  writing tablet and visualizer from ITSC. They may seek advice and do…

FAQ on Microsoft Teams

Technical Questions Cannot install or run Teams (esp. MacBook)? Some students reported that they could not install or run Teams on their MacBook.  We suggest students to use the web browser to use Teams. Students cannot log in? Need license or invitation as guest? Some students could not login.  We reactivated the licenses and they…


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