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To promote IT awareness and make effective use of the new applications adopted by the University , ITSC regularly provides IT training sessions to staff and students. Topics such as Google applications, Moodle, WordPress, Excel etc. will be covered. Please visit Smart IT website to register for the latest training.

Departmental trainings

ITSC also offers training to departments on request. Customized training can better fit the IT needs of individual departments and provide flexibility on training dates and times.  Please refer to the training catalog and fill in the registration form. Our training instructors will contact you.

Online videos

ITSC e-Training videos aim to provide both staff and students a hassle-free way to learn the latest and practical IT knowledge. With the provision of e-Training videos, it can enhance the teaching efficiency of academic staff, facilitate the administrative work of supporting staff and promote the advanced learning habit of students. To watch the videos, click here.


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