Online Learning during Class Suspension

1. Moodle to support teaching and learning

Teachers may use Moodle to post announcements, to answer questions from students, to upload files/post links for students to download, and to set up assignments or quizzes.

2. Lecture Recording and Uploading

Teachers may use the following tools to record their lecture(s) and upload to Moodle for students to view.

Powerpoint Recording

Powerpoint has a hidden “Recording” function.  You may enable it to do a Powerpoint presentation or Screen recording video (with voice over).


Android Phone Screen Recording

AZ Screen Recording is a Mobile Phone app.  You may use your mobile phone to record a presentation (e.g., PPT).

Android App on Google Play


Video File Uploading

You may upload your MP4 file to your Google Drive.  And then inside Moodle, you can pick a file from your Google Drive.



3. Video Meeting

Teachers may host an online video meeting or a one-to-one oral examination.   Zoom is a video meeting software with the support of screen sharing and live recording.  Those who cannot attend the meeting may view the video later.



4. Moodle to Support Online Examination

Teachers may use Moodle to arrange an online open-book examination.  There are two possibilities:

 1.  Assignment activity – To provide a question paper for students to download.  And then require students to upload a word file.  This will allow Moodle to use Veriguide to check the similarity.

2.  Quiz activity – To use students to do a number of questions generated randomly from a question bank.   Each student may see a different set of questions.   Answers can also be to display in a random order.



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