Staff News – New ITSC support during campus suspension period

Dear Colleagues,

To tackle unexpected interruptions to the university, ITSC has developed
an ITSC Business Development Plan (BCP) to support the university to
continue our core operations.  You may refer to the attached file for details.

Below, we would like to highlight 8 New Measures for home office and online teaching, in addition to the existing functions (Moodle, eCampus, Connect, Zoom etc.)

Online Teaching / Home Office

1. Communications – We will be launching Microsoft Teams to support messaging, chatgroups, and online video meetings.   You may set up chat groups and hold meeting with students.  (Download and use Teams from this link –

2. Live Video Lessons – Microsoft Teams also support live video meetings with screen sharing, video conferencing, and instant polling/survey.  ITSC can help you set up your notebook and lessons.

3. Web cameras – We will be purchasing and providing one web camera
for each teacher.  Teachers who need them may contact ITSC.

4. Call forwarding – For those who do home office and provide services
to students, you may request ITSC to forward your desktop phone to
your mobile number.

5. Remote Access to your desktop – Some staff may want to access
their campus desktop computer from home.  You may request ITSC to set up
remote access via a web browser.

6. Large Scale Live Web Events – Some departments/offices may organise
large web events that people can attend from a remote site, viewing video
and asking questions.  You may request ITSC to set up these events.

7. ITSC LiveChat Support – ITSC has set up a LiveChat service on our
ITSC website.  You are welcome to post questions and our colleagues
will answer them (in office or from home) during office hours. (Lower RHS corner to appear in 1 minute)

8. Onsite setup and 1-1 training – ITSC will have some staff to provide onsite service
in M805, Main building.  You may bring a notebook or mobile device and we
will set up some service for you (lesson recording, live video lesson, messaging and chat, etc.)

Monday – Friday: 09:30 – 17:30 (during class suspension period)

If you have further questions, please contact ITSC at 3963-5160,



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