Student News – Launching of Microsoft Teams

各位同學:  (English version please scroll down below)

ITSC正式啟動 Microsoft Teams 支援網上教學 (下載使用指引) 。

老師會開始使用 Teams 進行網上教學,安排如下:

1. ITSC 已在 Microsoft Teams 開設課堂頻道。
當你登入時,就可以看到相關課堂 (例:ICT2002-L01)。

2. 老師會盡量根據原先時間表,安排網課。同學可在原定時間,
登入 Teams並進入課堂。同學也可透過Moodle,老師電郵,

3. 請即下載及安裝在電腦及手機,登入後選擇Teams ,就見到課堂。
登入: <username>
密碼: windows password

假如你未能登入,或是登入了在 Teams 找不到你的課堂,

最後,我想請大家幫忙,將這個訊息傳給你的同學 (他們


—————————————–Dear Students,

ITSC has launched Microsoft Teams to support online teaching.
(Click this link to Download Student User Guide)

Starting this Monday, ITSC will be providing training to teachers.
Teachers will start using Teams to host online classes:

1. ITSC has created Classrooom channels in Microsoft Teams
When you logon, you will see your lessons (e.g., ICT2002-L1).

2. Teachers are encouraged to hold online classes according to
the timetable.  Students may enter Teams and the lesson accordingly.
Students may contact their teachers via email or Moodle to
verify the time of online classes.

3. Please download and install Microsoft Teams on your computer
and mobile phone.  Once login, you will find your lessons in <Teams>:
Login: <username>
Password: windows password

If you cannot login, or you find a wrong list of students.
Please click the following link to report your problem.

Lastly, we would like to seek your help.  Please forward this
message to your classmates immediately, so that
they can install Teams and participate in online classes.


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