New Staff self-induction

Welcome to HSUHK!
We are excited about you joining us and want to ensure that you are successful in your new role. Below is the basic information about ITSC services.  The ITSC Training Team are pleased to be able to offer new staff a deskside induction. You can contact Lavender (ext. 358, or Carlo (ext. 299,

1. Windows Account and Google Account

a. Change of passwords for Windows Account (To login University PCs, HSUHK applications such as eCampus, VPN, Wi-Fi, etc.)

i. Password must have 8 characters or more.

ii. Cannot use previous passwords.

iii. Not allowed to use username or any part of the name as password.

iv. Password must contain characters from 3 of the below categories:

• Uppercase letters (A-Z)
• Lowercase letters (a-z)
• Numbers (0-9)
• Special characters (!$#_%)

b. Change of password for Google Account (To login Google services such as Gmail, Calendar and Drive.)

i. Password must have 8 characters or more.

ii. Password must contain characters of the 3 categories below:

• Uppercase letters (A-Z)
• Lowercase letters (a-z)
• Numbers (0-9)

Reminder for new staff: Windows account and Google account are two different user accounts to access different applications, systems and facilities. Reference:

2. Microsoft 365

a. User account of Microsoft 365:

i. Windows login name + “” (Click here to login Office 365)

ii. Windows password


3. eCampus

a. Log-in eCampus

b. MyHSUHK – employment and profile information

c. Management & Duties – Approval, Leave, etc.

d. Services & Contacts – Booking, e-Form, e-Coupon

e. Teaching & Learning – Moodle, ChatGPT, etc.

f.  Admin Systems – Registry, Finance, CDMO, etc.

g. Websites



a. Connect and login “HSUHK-WIFI” by using Windows Account.

b. Can be accessed by Laptop, Mobile phone, Tablet computer without limitations.

c. Different operation systems of smart phones have different WIFI settings, for details, please click here.

5. Software Installation Policy

a. Effective from 2017/18 academic year.

b. Software installation disabled for all Staff computers.

c. Protect staff computers from installing malicious or illegal software accidentally.

d. Request for software installation:

i. Request ITSC for software installation (Application form)

ii. Request software installation rights to perform software installation by computer users, with approval from heads. (Application form)



a. ITSC Website:

b. Location: Block M Room 805

c. Phone: 3963-5160

d. Email:

e. QR code in computer labs and classrooms.



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