Staff News – ITSC Support for Home Office and Online Teaching

If you have any needs or questions related to the use of IT, call ITSC.
Ext: 3963-5160,, LiveChat:

1. I want to upload files, setting up quizzes, and collecting assignments?
Moodle is still our most important learning management system.  Use Moodle.

2. I would like to hold online live teaching classes?
Microsoft Teams is a powerful online meeting and group communications platform.
We have opened online classes for every lesson already.  Forget about Zoom!

3. I need to send instant messages to my students and colleagues?
Microsoft Teams has a Chatgroup function similar to WhatsApp/Hangouts.
You don’t your their mobile numbers to send messages to them!
You can call audio/video meetings at any time.  Try it out.
4. I am not familiar with Microsoft Teams or other software tools?
ITSC has arranged an online workshop next Monday to Friday.
You may also come back to campus to attend (M803, M building).
Time: 10:00 (Cantonese) 2:30 (English)

    Microsoft Teams link: 
5. I want to hold web seminars for admission or talks?
We recommend ZOOM which is more convenient with external guests.
Contact ITSC.  https://www.zoom.us6. I want to record my lecture and show to students?
Microsoft Teams allows you to do live recording.  If you speak English,
it will generate English captions automatically!   After the lesson, your
recording will be placed on Microsoft Stream for live streaming.  You may
also upload your video files to Microsoft stream show them during live lesson.

7. I need students to submit video projects.

You may ask them to upload their video files to Microsoft Stream, and place a link
to Moodle.  Call ITSC for more details. I need to remote access to my office computer.
ITSC may help you set up your office computer that you can access from home.

9. I need a Web Camera for live teaching.

We have purchased a number of web cameras. Teachers may borrow from ITSC.
    We encourage teachers to use notebook and tablet if possible. I need to receive office calls from home
For those who work and provide services from home, you may request ITSC to
forward your desktop phone to your mobile number. I have some questions and want quick help or answers.
ITSC has set up a LiveChat service on our ITSC website.  You may post questions
and our colleagues will answer them during office hours. I don’t know how to set up my notebook, tablet or mobile phone
ITSC is pleased to provide onsite service in M805, Main building.  Please bring
your device and we will help you set it up.
Office hours: 9:30AM – 5:30PMYou have other needs: 

Call ITSC.  We will offer help whenever possible.
Ext: 3963-5160,, LiveChat:


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